Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TV or Not TV, that is the Question

Security guys relaxing on the steps...
Just the other day I was walking down to Broadway and took the photo above.  For those of you who don't know what you're seeing there, it's a whole parking lot of trailers used by production companies during filming of movies and TV shows.  Ok, so by now it's no secret that there is a new  TV show based on the music industry being filmed right here in Nashville, cleverly entitled "Nashville."  And if you've seen the show, then you know that apparently we here in Nashville spend our days worrying about hipster vocalists and big bubble breasted blond country singers and how they hate each other and sleep with... well... everyone.  
Same parking lot, different view.
As much as I enjoy seeing a well done TV show with lots of drama and good acting, I'm not going to watch "Nashville."  For one thing, there is more to Nashville than the Music Industry.  They could have called it "Music" for all the real view of Nashville that is shown. And to be sure, 'Country' music is the true base of this endeavor. Oh yes, they show some hipster vocalists out in some dark dank bar performing hipster music of some sort but this whole 'music for drama's sake' just doesn't sit well with me.

Now, to be sure, let's also note that the show is filmed here, in Nashville, and that the sound stages are just north of town, where they have recreated such venerable institutions as the Bluebird Cafe with a high degree of accuracy (as if that makes up for the storylines.)  Ok, so I hate this new show.  I hate that people think THIS is truly my southern home. It's not.  Nashville is so much more than the music, the SOUTH is more than the music genre and I would hope that YOU my readers know that from the hundreds of posts I have made on the subject.  

Oh look at that, across the street equipment
trailers disgorging their innards...
Now, you can go ahead and watch the show.  Enjoy the performances and watch the aforementioned bubble breasted blonds bed hopping through an hour long drama. As for me, I'll refrain from watching due to my own sensibilities and love of my southern home.

I only hope that the rest of my southern neighbors feel the same.  

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