Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Silver Savior - The GPS Remount

When a friend first showed me his new car, my eyes went right to the built in GPS unit just above his super brand name radio (you know, with the Ipod jacks and gold plated connectors..all the stuff to make a driver drool.)  Of all the gadgets they put in cars now, GPS is one of the few add-ons that I can actually see a reason for.  I am one of the few male drivers out there who will stop for directions if I even think I've gone off course.

However that may be, getting it done right is important. Above you can see how one Suthunah seemed to have completed the installation process with the use of Good ol' Duck Tape.  (Duck Tape is the savior of the universe, or of most Suthun Inventions, just in case you didnt' know that either.)

I condone this installation, as it allows you to remove the GPS and take it to another vehicle, or take into the house at night.  Though I'm a little unsure as to why so MUCH Duck tape was used, at least it is a replaceable installation... Suthun Style.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Didn't See You There! (#2)

The other day I was, as I usually am, wandering through Walmart.  There in the back, I find this.  A camouflaged wallet.  At first I merely look at it but then the brain starts to wonder.  Why?  Why do you need to camouflage your money?  So I envision some guy out in the forest, and he's carrying a handful of cash, credit cards and valuable pictures of his kids, and/or grandkids. 

"Well, huh..." he thinks.  "I sure don't want any one finding my stash, especially the deer.  I had better keep it safe by putting it here in my camouflaged wallet.  Now...where did I put it....."

Not to be left out, it's important to note that even women can find their own camouflaged wallet.  Gotta keep those valuables from being seen out there.  

Out there in the South.