Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Didn't See You There! (#2)

The other day I was, as I usually am, wandering through Walmart.  There in the back, I find this.  A camouflaged wallet.  At first I merely look at it but then the brain starts to wonder.  Why?  Why do you need to camouflage your money?  So I envision some guy out in the forest, and he's carrying a handful of cash, credit cards and valuable pictures of his kids, and/or grandkids. 

"Well, huh..." he thinks.  "I sure don't want any one finding my stash, especially the deer.  I had better keep it safe by putting it here in my camouflaged wallet.  Now...where did I put it....."

Not to be left out, it's important to note that even women can find their own camouflaged wallet.  Gotta keep those valuables from being seen out there.  

Out there in the South. 

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