Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hardware Touristas

It was last Saturday when I drove by my local Hardware Store (pictured above) and saw the most amazing thing. Now, I knew that many a tour bus headed into our fair city laden with Tourists (with the requisite capital 'T') and not a few music acts. Most of the music acts head downtown and most of the Tourists head to the local Outlet Malls and other - let's not call them Tourist Traps, let's refer to them as "Local Centers of Attractive Tourist Type Activities."  (Maybe a few of my 'fans' come to see me? No? Ah, well...) Here we have not one, but TWO big tour buses parked at my very own local big box Hardware Store (also with the requisite capital letters. I like Capital Letters.  So sue me.)

What's up at the Big Hardware Store? Looking for Hardware?  Two buses worth? Me, I don't think so.  I think they are all in there looking AT hardware not looking for it.  Y'see, the big Hardware Store is one of those places that I can go walking through just to see the sights.  When I have time (read: I'm alone) I'll hit every aisle and side and view every display and end cap.  It's one of the few things that I have in common with my mother in law. Yes, you read that right, my Mother In Law. We can turn a quick trip to the Hardware Store into an afternoon and not spend a dime. Bring along a snack and make a day of it!

I was over at the Big Box Hardware Store to pick up some pieces I needed to finish a gutter on the side of the house.  While I was there, I looked at some tools, (more like drooled over some new tools) along with a new work bench and a pair of suspenders for my work pants but I never did see any large groups of people with cameras maybe following dutifully along after a tour guide walking backward speaking loudly.  (Maybe I could hire myself out?)

The aforementioned gutter is all fixed up, but I didn't get back in time to see what the tourists bought while they wandered (If'n they bought anything at all.) Maybe I'll see them next year when they come back for the reunion tour.

Hey, it could happen. Anything is possible here in the South.  

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