Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Southern Repurposing

The other day, my wife and I were enjoying an afternoon at our local Used Item Store when I came upon a utility type of item I had been searching for.  It is the belt above.  It's made of black nylon webbing, with several loops for holding accessories.  In addition, it has great solid metal hooks at both ends - perfect for what I had in mind.  

A little over a year ago, I purchased a new string trimmer.  As much as I love my new string trimmer, I really hated the fact that it did not come with the shoulder support.  A shoulder support allows you to carry the item around the yard longer without straining the muscles in your forearms, and allows you to keep it at a standard height as you work.  

The new belt is long enough and adjustable for just this need!  And the price tag of $1.99 made it an easy decision.  I took it home and proudly placed it beside the string trimmer for use later this fall (or next spring if the weather turns cold quick - which it can in the South ...hmmm digress much?)

As I got to looking at the belt, and as I'm marveling at my luck in finding it so inexpensively, I wondered at its original use since it came with no particular label or use indication. What wonderful tool or utilitarian ensemble would have this belt as part of it? It seems perfect for a string trimmer, but part me of thought that perhaps it was a shoulder belt for a hunter.  It's trimmed in orange, has loops that would hold extra shells and that nylon webbing is heavy duty enough to withstand the worst that any hunter can throw at it while tracking that fresh kill through the underbrush.  Now, imagine my surprise when I find this on the internet:  

That's right, it's a toy.  Or rather, it's an accessory for a toy and by toy, I mean those nifty little toy guns by NERF that shoot bullet shaped sponge-like projectiles.  It's all so Little Boopsey can hole-up in the back yard with extra ammunition and take on the kids from down the street without having to scramble around picking up used Nerf projectiles!  And here I am going to use it in my Lawn Arsenal. 

This is Southern Re-purposing at its finest. Re-purposing this belt to be useful in my Lawn wars, well, that's the whole idea behind Used Item Stores!  I mean, it's not like I'm using a Pringles Can to repair the air in take on my car...

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