Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We Can't Blame Bubba for This One!

A very Merry Christmas to you all. And speaking of Christmas, every year I am amazed at the decorations I see in my neighbors' yards celebrating the holidays. Giant inflatable Snowmen, fiberglass Santas and lights by the millions share our happiness, our joy and our faith. Yes, our faith. It is in the South (with the requisite capital 'S') that I have seen some of the greatest nativity displays ever. (And remember, I grew up in Colorado where, every year when I was growing up, we as a family would make our annual trek downtown to see arguably one of the most incredible lighting and nativity displays ever.

This year, I have learned of a Christmas decoration that is by far and away one of the strangest I have ever seen. This is even over and above the Christmas Pickle. I am speaking of Mr. Caganer. Mr. Caganer roughly translates to Mr. Defecator. That's right, it's a little character taking a poop on your Holiday. Now at first, one might think "Oh them Suthun boys! They really do know how to poop on Christmas!" But this is not, and I repeat NOT an invention of the South.

Yeah, I know, I am as surprised as you!

For those of you not in the know, Mr. Caganer was an obliged figure in the Nativity Displays of eighteenth century Catalonia (North Eastern Spain) which has stayed around to modern times. Back then, it was believed that with his fertile depositions the soil became rich and productive for the coming year. It was also believed that he would bring good health and peace to the body and the soul, which is the essence of Christmas Nativity Display. (Paraphrased from some Internet site...)

Hey, I'm not making this up. (Though it does make me wonder if, in the same Nativity display, the 3 Wise men then brought Frankincense, Gold and Charmin. Just a thought...) There is a mall in Spain that has even made a giant Mr. Caganer the centerpiece of their shopping experience. A little hard to believe? Check it out.
Now before you start to cry "CHOPPED"* this is absolutely true. You can google the name yourself.

I love the fact that people wander around as if there is nothing wrong with a 6 foot pile of poop in the center of the mall! Ok, so it's representational and probably made of foam rubber, but the idea is still there. They view it like we would view a large snowflake. You see, in many other areas of the world, they are not burdened with our puritan background. Such things as nudity, sex, and bodily functions are part of life, not something to hide in the basement.

I've done some research on the loose boweled little fella. Mr. Caganer is available in his standard Catalan effects (as seen below) but can also be purchased in a myriad of designs including sports figures (entire teams!), singers (like Michael Jackson and Elvis), US Presidents (yes, they have Obama Caganer out there), world leaders (Prince Charles and Lady Bowles? Why it's almost as if - no, that's just too easy), historical figures from Hitler to Einstein and I've even seen Darth Vader and Spongebob! It almost makes me want to start a collection.
Hey, I said 'almost'....

Here's wishing you and yours a holiday season which no one defecates upon!

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