Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gone to the Dogs - the Southern Doghouse

Here is another one of those inveterate Suthun repurpose projects. Usually, the standard Suthun Gennelman won't toss out such a piece of equipment for one of three reasons. These are (in no particular order)

A) He can re-use this fine piece of equipment to create something new and exciting.
B) He can keep it for parts to repair another one of the same thing.
C) He doesn't want to, or does not have the equipment needed to take it to the dump.

Ok, so C is usually the reason most things end up sticking around, but in this particular case, we find good use for it. With a nice dry roof and insulation, that old non-working front loading washer becomes a dog residence. Upon close inspection we can see that the washer insides are gone and the dog has lots of room (as well as no fear of being shut in by some devious neighborhood cat) and it looks pretty warm and dry.

Not really a new invention, but a great repurpose of old equipment. Only in the South.

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