Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Invention Intervention - The Water's Fine.

This is one of those laughable photos that both intrigues and scares me. I mean, come on. We've all gone to High School and we all know that electricity and water are not friends, so why are these guys risking their life in such fashion? And why are they smiling while doing so. What my fine descerning eye can get from this photo is that A) that red power cord is not plugged in, and B)to my shock and dismay - these men are NOT SUTHUN!

How can I be so sure? Ok, lets take a closer look at the crime scene photo.

First, we got a nice heavy duty power cable going to the pool. This is good, (and most likely unplugged) but then you have a standard power strip plugged into it which may - on the surface - look like a good idea. ("On the surface" Did you catch what I did there?) The power strip is kept afloat with the ingenious (??) use of a couple of floating sandals. Then you have the needed electrical device up on a beer encrusted table.

Now, you can see the problem, can't you? CAN'T YOU? You CAN'T??

No, it's not that the pool is in the backyard. Nor is it that the cord appears to go away from the house. It is not that the cable appears to be taped to a strange weight, or the ingenious (??) use of the floating sandals.

It's the beer. Oh and the electric grill (I mean come on, even I, an aspiring Suthunah knows that the best grilling comes from hot coals made from good ol' suthun hardwoods!) But mainly, it's the beer. Look at that array! LOOK AT IT!

There are at least a dozen bottles visible in this picture, and only three of them appear to be the same BRAND. Who does this? Hmm? WHO? Who, in their right mind, goes out and buys a bunch of silly designer beers with the fancy names and fancier lables and then shares them with a bunch of goons who threaten your life with poor electronics? WHO? I'll tell ya who: NAWTHUNUZ, that's who!

This ain't any of my Good Ol' Suthun Neighbors at all! In fact, I suspect they're from NEW YAWK!

(Yosemite Sam Voice) If I wasn't such a gennelman, I'd say something I'd regret.

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