Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years In Nashville

Well, it's another New Years in Nashville and I'd like to take a moment to wish you all a spectacular Suthun New Year. I wish you all the great Suthun Friends, and Suthun Fried Foods and a Suthun Bubba neighbors you can handle, too.

This year, Nashville went all out and had a huge celebration in downtown. Right on the water's edge where the flood roared into town last May. Music, beer (oh yeah, lots of beer) and people gathered to watch the New Year ring in with style.

Perhaps the main thing about this celebration was the moment in which the New Year rang in. Up in New Yawk, they've had this huge glass ball drop to signal the entrance of the New Year. In Nashville we had a big Guitar.

The night started at sundown and temperatures were in the 60's so folks were able to enjoy the evening without having to wear a heavy coat. Dominated by live bands and entertainment provided by the Hard Rock Cafe just across the street, the evening was incredible. By midnight, the crowd was festive, rowdy and completely ready to ring in the New Year.

It was a heck of a year for Nashville, jewel of the south. We can only expect great things for the coming year, both for my Suthun Neighbors and for you, my faithful readers.

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