Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Invention Innovations - 3 Wheeled Genius

The other day as I was leaving work, I saw this really great little car. I am really drawn to those little 2 seater sportscars and the like, but this was even more incredible. It only had 3 wheels. Yeah, only 3 wheels. I didn't have time to get a photo, so I came home and scoured the internet looking for something close. The photo above is as close as I could get.

The idea of a 3wheel car is intriguing. Shorter turning radius? Gotta be. The only problems I could foresee could be in carrying home lumber and bricks from the hardware store, and maybe carrying my surfboard. Not a lot of call for surfing here in the Mid South, but bricks and lumber? You betcha!

Not to change the subject, but in one area of Tennessee, believe it or not, it is illegal to change a 4 wheel car into a 3 wheel car. Why? I have no idea. Why did I need to post that? I have no idea. I just have been carrying that around with me and needed to get it posted. So, there ya go. It's posted.

I also have been wanting to post this other picture of a Suthun Home Made 3 wheel vehicle and feel now is the time.

Now this vehicle could drag home the lumber, and even have room for the surfboard! Look at it! It's a Suthun Dream! HUGE diesel engine, Low Rider Cowbell, Skeleton Steer Head on the front, John Deere Paint Job, Over-sized Tires and even a Personal Head Rest, just like they have in the dentist's office.

(I'll wait while you check that last bit out....head rest.
Ok got it? Ready to move on? Good. )

Ok, so anyway, this is a great ride, and I wish I had the talent to create one of these things. At least it was created from scratch and won't be found illegal by any strange laws.

I love the south. If anyone finds one of those 3 wheel cars for sale, be sure to let me know.

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