Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year - New Motor

Ok, so you caught me.  I didn't post on New Year's Day and you thought for sure I'd somehow fallen off the face of the earth.  I wish.  I mean, I really tried.  I started a blog post and looked around for pics - that's downtown Nashville at midnight New Year's Eve, 2015.  150,000 people crowded into the corner of 1st and Broadway cheering the nifty little note as it dropped to deNOTE (HA!) the beginning of a new year.  Me?  Home in my jammies, hot chai-latte and graham blondies at midnight.  Yeah, boring.  Which is why there was no post. Friday I lay around in a graham blondie haze; then suddenly, it's Saturday and there - no post.  3rd day of a 4 day weekend, and I had already spent two of them doing the usual: grocery shopping, avoiding work and eating pastries. (Delicious pastries!)

So, Saturday I just had to get up and get some work done on the living room. At this point, I must ruminate aloud, that there is a part of me that wonders if there is some curse on this project. I did get in an  hour or two worth of actual work and then - I reached for my drill motor.  (Elsewhere,  you may call it a drill, but here in the South, we call it a drill motor.)

A week or two ago, I had lost the drill chuck key to my trusty old drill. I got out on Friday and picked one up at the big hardware store so I was ready to go Saturday morning.  This is where the curse comes in, cuz it turns out that the drill chuck was frozen in place.  Ugh. No amount of work with the new chuck key or even big pipe wrenches and my workbench vise made any difference.

Back to the big hardware store where I talked to a guy about replacing the frozen chuck. How do I remove the old chuck if it's stuck and won't turn?  Got to cut it off with an angle grinder, says someone.  Ok, home again home again and out comes the angle grinder.  After working carefully with the angle grinder (for too frakking long!) to remove the froze drill chuck, I find that this particular drill is not made to replace the drill chuck!  (Cue cursing and throwing of tantrums.) So basically I just ruined my only drill.  (Or drill motor.) I hear ya, it was ruined anyway with the chuck frozen, but now I have to budget how I'm going to afford a new one. 

Luckily, my birthday is in a month and my lovely wife offered to buy me a new drill as a gift.  Back over to the big hardware store where I drooled over the $500 battery operated all-in-one drill/saw/angle grinder kit but, knowing my budget, reached for the least expensive one with a key-less drill chuck. My wife approved.

Back home, I finished my latest project using new new drill motor.  I put legs on my Franken-Saw and even got some work done ripping some wood in half. The new drill motor even came with a case, so I can also put the old drill motor case (read: Lego Carry Case) to better use.

Maybe I can also break the curse and get some work done next week. We shall see....


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