Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Southern Repurposing the Right Way

Southern Repurposing is just that.  Taking something with a certain use and finding a good way to reuse it.  I'm not talking about using a Pringles can to fix one's air intake, but something more logical.  Like that toy carrying case above.

My wife and I spend at least one day a week at the local Thrift Stores.  I can't tell you the number of great things we've found there.  My wife has a knack for finding clothes with the original tags still on them.  She's also purchased brand new appliances for less than a buck. I recently found a near new Keureg Coffee maker which as anyone who knows me will tell you, is the king of my kitchen gadgets.

Whenever we stop by these places I always walk slowly, studying each donated item with the idea that some of these things can be reused for other purposes, if you just rethink a bit.  The case above is a perfect example.  You can see the LEGO logo on it, and it's in perfect condition.  Made for holding (and of course carrying) lego toys, the moment I saw it, I knew exactly what it could be used for.

Many tools you buy these days don't come with carrying cases and for just a few dollars more (yeah, a few they say) you can purchase a carry case.  The ones that come with carrying cases have this cost built in, so I usually end up going with the lesser price and of course, no carry case.  My nifty drill motor is a prime example. 
Behold the Southern Repurposing!
Though I didn't measure it, I somehow knew that the drill would fit the Lego Carry box like a hand in a glove.  Not only does it make it easier to store, I don't have to worry about spiders (shudder) or rust growing in the motor.  It also makes it easier to store, stacking the various cases one on top of the other.  Pulling one out is easy and quick, rather than pulling it out of a bucket and 20 minutes untangling the cord from the other tools in the bucket.  

My neighbor Bubba, the Tool Master, has only given this repurposing a minor glance, so I know he doesn't feel I'm too strange looking carrying what appears to be a set of Lego Building blocks to work on some household issue. 

Perhaps I am finally becoming more of one of the Good Ol Boys!

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