Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Invention Intervention - the Door Gadget

There is nothing better than a good southern invention.  A pair of boots filled with cement and used as door stops.  Maybe a fork used as a handle of some sort. Even a hat with a pair of holders for beer seems to get me smiling. 

I also enjoy a good mystery.  Figuring out how to fix something in an uncommon way, or seeing how someone fixed something really is intriguing to me.  This thing, however, has got me stumped.  

Let's take a closer look, shall we?  The driver's door has been embellished with what appears to be a piece of a downspout off the side of the house.  It's been attached firmly with tie-downs of some sort not just once or twice, but three times.  It's positioned next to a side mirror, but it's not there to either support or enhance the mirror in anyway...and the opposite is also true, neither the mirror nor it's bracket seem to be there to support or enhance the gadget.

What the heck is that thang?  At first, I had thought it was a sort of driver's spittoon. A driver could spit into the drain, and not worry about hitting the people behind in the windshield with a gob of dark viscous matter.  (Yeah, doesn't that sound nice!)  Then I realized that the gadget is too far forward for the driver to easily spit into it.  Then I had thought it might be there to protect the door from hitting something.  But it doesn't' stick out enough even to protect the mirror, so that idea doesn't work either.  We should also agree that we don't know if the other door might also be so enhanced similarly so we won't speculate on that. 

Ok, junior G-Men, let's all work together to figure out this most incredible of inventions.  I am fairly chomping at the bit to see what other ideas you may have for this.  Write your idea in the comments, or write me privately, but let's figure this out!

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