Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Silver Savior - The Side Mirror

Duck tape is the Silver Savior.  It secures things where they belong and makes repair easy, although maybe not so pretty.  I found this lovely repair job in my very own town, at a parking lot where we stopped last Saturday.  At first, I  didn't notice the side window, covered with plastic, taped in place with clear packaging tape. What I noticed was the passenger side mirror.  Well, actually, what I noticed was the Duck Tape - about 20-30 layers of it.  

I really love this repair.  Why?  Oh my look closely, my faithful reader!  Note with care the shape of the repaired item in question even with the 20-30 layers of Saving Grace.  Note #1, it's narrower at the right than at the left.  Note #2, it's got some big ol' fitting or shaped end there on the far right.  What would cause that? Why cover it with so much Duck Tape, especially when you're not taping it TO something?

Here's why, Bubba: That mirror is for a DRIVER'S SIDE DOOR.  Now, at first, you want to laugh. This guy, this clever good ol' boy, found himself a mirror but it was for the wrong door, the driver's side door.  But here's the interesting part; he didn't let that stop him, he went ahead and taped that sucker in place where it was needed and then he covered the right fitting with more tape, not because it needed it, but because he felt it was necessary to cover over the right fitting in such a way as to disguise it's true use.  Brilliant!

Did he succeed? You be the judge. The mirror is useful and it sure as heck ain't goin' anywhere. So, I'd say he did a pretty good job.

As for the window...well, we'll leave that for another day.  After all, it's got none of the aforementioned Silver Savior on it!

Such is life, and car repair in the south.  

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