Friday, January 29, 2016

The Birth of FrankenTool

Back in November, I wrote about the loss of my favorite handy tool.  I posted that pic of it above and lamented its loss, the tears I shed and how hope for the future was dark and bleak.  Of course, my lovely wife found a new one for me at Christmas! (She really knows me.  Either that or she got tired of me crying and writing bad poetry to a broken tool.) 

But, even though the new tool joined the tool line-up and did more than its part in working with me during my many projects, I just couldn't bring myself to toss out the old tool.  The memories mainly, but more, the fact that the thing still had the screwdrivers, file and blade on it, which were still usable.  So, it sat there on the workbench for the last couple of months.   

Then comes the snow, and I spent a lot of time indoors with nothing to do.  I got to looking at the broken implement and wondered whether I could take the extra parts out of one handle and install them in the other.  Much thought, planning and searching for Allen Wrenches (where do these things go when I'm not using them??) and finally I attempted the impossible.  


It's not going to replace the new tool, but it's ready with all the extra pieces that the tool really works for!  AND I didn't have to use Duck Tape or learn to weld.  I would have, but didn't need it.

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