Friday, January 22, 2016

Mid-Week Repairman

Morning starts really early here at my Southern Ranchero. I'm usually up before the sun, and get my breakfast together along with my lunch and even get a few tasks done: empty the dishwasher, feed the cats, take out the trash.  I give myself about an hour and even have time to check the weather reports.  Getting up this early also means I'm in bed early, long before my wife.

Thursday morning I get up to find a note on the kitchen counter which says she discovered a puddle in front of the kitchen sink.  Sure enough, there in front of the sink is a towel she had placed to soak up said puddle.  I open the doors under the sink and - sure enough - there is a leak in the filter we use for the fridge.  

It's ok, I have time, I carefully take the filter out and turn off the ice maker, leaving a note for the wife that I would replace said filter that night. Not quite the middle of the week, but homeowners know that this sort of thing happens without regards to the day of the week.  Minor repairs that someone else might have to call a plumber for, I just get out the tools and "get'r done."

The reason I decided to include this repair in my lovely readable reads is, as you can see, duck tape. the silver savior.  Before i had used  three plastic ties like you'd use for wires, but this time, I wanted the filter to stay put.  Wrapped it around a couple of times and that filter is not going anywhere.  . 

Another repair made better through the miracle of science and a liberal use of duck tape. 

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