Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What a Crappy Day

Even though I love the South, there are times when things make you question your place of residence. This was one of them, and I hope, truly hope that this was a Southern moment that we'd all best forget.

So, it's no secret I ride the bus.  It's a nice bus and I've been a regular rider for nearly ten years.  It's amazing really that those of us regulars sort of have our own favorite seats, and our own ways of riding. Mostly, we read. So, I get on the bus, I get into my seat and I read.

Last week, there was this guy on the ride home, who got on and sat right beside me.  For the visual, my seat faces front and his, right in front of me, faces the center. There is only a stationary arm between him and me and for some strange reason it's folded UP out of the way.

So, it appears that my riding neighbor is drunk. Not just a bit tipsy, this guy is roaring stinking drunk and carrying a big gulp cup full of some noxious mixture which he continually sips at during our ride.  When the bus pulls away from a light, he all but falls over, and once he did fall almost right into my lap (amazingly not a drop was spilled!) Annoying yes, but the really interesting part come when the drunken rider gets up after 30 min to get off the bus at his stop.

I look up, mostly just to make sure that he wasn't going to fall into my lap and sure enough, the guy has pissed his pants.  The odor now fills the bus as the rest of us also get off. (This was, after all, also MY stop so I was happy to get out of the smelly proximity.)  They aired out the bus a bit before heading on, and the bus driver took time to let the drunk know the rules, even if he did forget within moments. 

Riding the bus is anything but ordinary. And it's times like these that hopefully prove the rule and not set it.

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