Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Places to See, Food to Eat

Every day I pass this place.  It's called the Arcade and it's located almost in the center of downtown.  Now, to me, Arcade means one of those places where I would go and play video games at a quarter a play.  $10 was a cheap date.

But this place is more than just an oddity. It's a shopping place where you could find anything from clothing to food.  It was built in 1902 as Nashville's first shopping center. It's a covered alleyway that runs through the center of the block to the next street.
These days you can find a Post Office location, jewelry store, and tobacco shop, but mostly, FOOD.  There are all sorts of restaurants here, and every time I get a chance to walk through the Arcade, there are always new ones. Places that sell Tortilla wraps, sandwiches, food from around the world - oh yeah, and mini donuts. There's this new mini doughnut place I just discovered.  I hope it's there for a while, too.  

To be honest, I didn't know it was so old, I figured it was built sometime around the 60's or 70's.  It just looks like something of that era.  It's always nice to learn the vast history of my new home, the South.  Nashville in particular.  (Uh oh, a sentence fragment.  Brother Bubba won't like that. Ah well, let's keep on , shall we?) 

The Arcade is mostly a place for the downtown worker to get lunch.  It's open from about 6 am, but none of the places serves breakfast (yet) and my pic above is taken about 6:30 - sans crazy homeless person who shouts at the nonexistent people in the arcade at that time of day.  

At any rate, the Arcade is a great place to grab a bite and as soon as I can get down there, I'll be tasting those aforementioned mini-doughnuts.  In fact...where's my wallet?

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