Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Duck Tape and the Southern Repairman

It is almost universally accepted that one of the most powerful forces in the universe is the holding power of Duck tape. Southerners (and many NON Southerners) use it daily to repair things and hold things the world over. Duck Tape is even used to create such things as wallets, neckties and belts.  (No, really, I'm not joking here!)

Recently, I had a chance to converse with a youngster who wanted to use Duck Tape to make a suit to wear to his Prom. (Yes, I know, you want to know why some youngster would want to wear a suit made of Duck Tape. Could be any number of reasons not the least of which is the fact that the company which manufactures Duck Tape sponsors a contest every year to see who can make the best Prom Dress/Tux out of he aforementioned Sticky Water Proof Material.) BUT, back to the youngster. We connected as he was looking for a type of Duck Tape that was non-reflective.  Can't have your tuxedo reflecting more light than a mirror ball over the dance floor. Always willing to help, I directed him to the roll of stuff above, known as "Non Reflective Gaffer's Tape."  Gaffer's Tape is basically Duck Tape without the reflective water-proof coating.

As I was about to close the page, I noted that the lower corner of the page had some sort of Duck Tape/Gaffer's Tape Accessory  and I just had to click on it.  A moment later I was jumping up and down and shouting with child-like glee.  (Yes, child-like glee, and even more so, with wild abandon!)

As a wanna-be Good Ol' Boy and Southern Shade Tree Handyman, I keep Duck tape around in large quantities. I buy two rolls at a time.  There is Duck Tape used in every room of my house.  I know Duck Tape, its uses and when I saw this little accessory, I knew I had to have it. Let's look closer and you will be as excited as I (as me?  You'll be dancing in the hall, that's for sure!)

See it?  It's a holder, that goes on your work belt, and it holds a roll of Duck Tape! Did you get that?  It CARRIES YOUR ROLL OF DUCK TAPE (or in this case Gaffer's Tape) FOR YOU!! It allows you to carry a roll of Duck Tape around with you at all times (ok, maybe not ALL times, just when you're working) and use BOTH hands to pull out a strip and apply it!  It's a Duck Tape Lovers DREAM! 

I may buy two!  Wait, Father's Day is coming up so I should wait.  But after that, watch out!
[sound of screeching brakes] $25 plus shipping?  Maybe just a piece of rope...yeah, rope...rope is good...

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