Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's the Former, not the Ladder

This is another of those photos which makes you wonder what happened five seconds after the photo was taken.  I can just about see the guy falling, paint and tools flying, videos being posted to youtube, etcetera people laugh, lawsuits are sent back and forth - yeah, good times.

But, (you knew there was a but, right?) this is really not the case here. Look closer, my dear readers. This ladder is not being misused, nor will it bend/break while the guy is up there.  Check out the way it's set up there.  You can see the special locks and overall design along the legs and at the apex.  Recognize it? Yeah, I bet you do!  THAT is the ladder you've seen advertised late at night on some infomercial where the inventor screams at how great it is and also screams how much it costs. It folds up and out into several useful positions just like in the photo above. AND it's made to do just what this good ol' boy is doing.

And yeah, it's a pretty good ladder.  No, I don't own one.  I want one, but I don't own one. Neighbor Bubba, the contractor has one and I've noted how he keeps it under lock and key and never loans it.  Yeah, it's a very good ladder. 

So, some people would look at this and think "OMG, what a FAIL!"  But we know it's not. Though maybe the guy needs some better shoes, that ladder isn't going to dump him down the steps. If it was me, however, I know I'd be stepping into one of those openings and THEN I'd fall down the stairs, followed by the  aforementioned phone video record, upload to youtube and national embarrassment. (During which brother Bubba would be howling with laughter.)

Only Good Ol' Boys can apparently make that work. 

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