Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Invention Intervention - The Gun Fridge

Once again I marvel at the simple inventions of the Southern Inventor. The seeming ease at which 'purpose' meets 'repurpose.' Witness: this old Freezer/Fridge has found new life as a lockable Gun Cabinet. And what's more, it's sort of 'camouflaged' in its natural setting.  No one is going to know that this locked freezer is actually a collection of Zombie Apocalypse weaponry.  

Not too long ago, I inherited a gun cabinet from another Southerner who had decided he didn't need it.  Now, I don't have the arsenal that the Inventor above seems to have, but I thought that the cabinet would be a good place to put my BB Gun and maybe the golf club I use to hold the lid of our chest freezer open (it keeps falling on my head...not the club, the lid....try to keep up, Bubba!) 

Then came the realization that the gun cabinet is actually a beacon for those who might steal my precious BB Gun! The Horror! What can I do?  Maybe a disguise?  Yes!  I immediately thought of putting a wig and mustache on the cabinet but that just didn't seem like enough.  Plaid Pants and a Turtle neck?  Nice...but....

Ok, so I never did get the gun cabinet in place, even though I had the perfect spot for it, away from the windows and I even considered putting a large poster in front of it.  (Jimi Hendrix?  Maybe Ted Nugent would be better....) It now sits forlornly on the back patio acting as a condo for wayward mice.  

Now, I'm considering finding some broken down Freezer that I can re-purpose just like the Inventor has above. In the meantime I'll keep my BB Gun in the closet next to my golf club.  

Anyone want to buy a wig and plaid pants? 

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