Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nashville New Year - 2013

New Years in Nashville. Sounds like the lead in to a joke, don't it? In truth, the actuality of it is much more simple.  As usual, crowds filled the downtown area near the corner of 1st and Broadway where the big Stages were set just off the cold River and in the view of the old bridges and the new. The Music was a big mix of popular and country and this year, instead of the big guitar falling to mark the beginning of the new year, it was a giant NOTE.  See note the pic, the big note, above the other big's falling.  (Static pictures can be a bear to use to describe action, you know?) And you can see the stages set up below.  

Though the crowds hollered and shouted for their favorite acts, this year, the New Year's Eve Celebration was marked with rain.  Light right early in the evening, giving way to a heavier rain later.  Rain didn't stop the revelers from ringing in the New Year downtown, or anywhere in the vicinity.   Crowds were estimated to be in the thousands and revelry was thunderous. 

The rain was a blessing in my little suburb.  It kept my boisterous neighbor from setting off fireworks at midnight and then some. Usually we are kept awake with his professional grade fireworks going off over our heads until the wee hours of the morning. Add in laughing drunken comments, barking dogs and not a few epithets thrown by other neighbors such as myself who appreciate a good night's sleep even if I do get to sleep in the next day.  True Suthern Detertainment.  (For those who need it: detertainment, the opposite of Entertainment.  Yeah, it's funny.  You can laugh now.) 

This year, however only a few large bangs at midnight and then blessed silence.  Now, understand, I don't mind fireworks. When produced by fireworks professionals in the correct environment, I think fireworks can be some of the best live celebratory effects there is.  But in the suburbs?  No. Bubba needs his beauty sleep. And plenty of it! 

I hope you all have a wonderful and prosperous and sleep filled New Year! 

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