Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You Light Up My..Parking Lot?

Every morning I take my 58 foot long limo (read: MTA BUS) to work. (Yes, I like calling it my limo.  I'm not going to quit, so just get used to it, okie dokie?  And I like to say Okie Dokie a lot  too.  Now where were we? Oh yeah, the bus....)  It drops me on a corner that is only a short walk to the building where I work.  To save time, I cut across not one, but two parking lots - which really helps on cold days when all I want is to get in out of the below freezing temperatures. 

Usually at that hour, the parking lots are empty, maybe one or two cars pulling in, trucks unloading, deliveries and the like- very deserted. Get the picture? This day, there was a bit something new.  A lamp.  Can you imagine, sitting in the center of the parking lot, a nice adjustable floor lamp?  I couldn't either, but sure enough, there it was.  There was no other detritus of household items laying empty boxes, socks or gum wrappers.  It's almost as if the lamp sort of grew there overnight. 

Standing there in the grey light of dawn, I tried to figure out where it came from. Did it fall off a truck?  Someone moving out of a downtown apartment take a wrong turn and the lamp fell out the back without anyone seeing it fall? The lamp didn't have any dings or scratches so that seemed to be out of the question.

Did some homeless guy leave it after spending the night here in the parking lot reading through his collection of Shakespeare's sonnets?  Did he only have enough room in his cart for the recliner and the big screen television and the old lamp had to be left behind?  Maybe some family had cruised through on their way to - well, downtown Nashville is not on the way to anything except downtown Nashville, so that idea is out, too. 

In the end, I decided that whoever left it would probably be back to pick it up, so I just stood back, took a photo and moved on into the warm lobby of my building.  

I sure hope that whoever lost it sure gets it back.  

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