Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Smell of the South

That title probably makes most people giggle like a third grader. Well, at least some of the guys  I hang out with. Though the thought of smelling the South does conjure up thoughts of 7 day old overalls or maybe a weed infested pond on a hot, humid summer day.  But better than that, the south is known for its cooking and cooking means SMELLS. Aromas.  Lingering affects of culinary combination and innovation.  It seems like each day I find this out, in more ways than one.

Every morning I get off my "58-foot-limo" right in front of that place above- but when I get there it's usually just before dark-thirty! No one around but me, the bus driver and a few early morning workers such as myself.  Even though the rest of the world is still crawling out of bed, this place is busy heating up the ovens, and creating those smells that define the south.

Ok, let's be specific.  BACON.  Or at least that's what I get out of it.  Smokey wood, pork products and a touch of ..hmmm...Brown Sugar? Maple? Whatever it is, it's intoxicating.
That glass door is the best place in the wee hours to
snort some bacon scented goodness...

Even though they've been tearing up the street recently, I cross the barricades and step lightly over the wood cement forms just to get close enough to the windows to take in that ambiance. Breath deep..wait for the breeze... ahhhhhh...the smell fills me up like a good southern breakfast and I'm ready for my day. Sometimes the breeze shifts and the smell follows me down the street as I walk that final block to work. Heaven.  

Only thing else I need is a good cup of coffee.  Hmm maybe if I swing by the coffee shop at that hour I can sniff a few beans being roasted.

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