Monday, March 29, 2010

Rain is Never an Inconvenience in the South

Although I have lived over 20 years in the South, I still do NOT have the Suthun Mentality that my neighbors have. When it rains, I want to stay inside, where it's warm and dry and I can keep away from the growing armada of mosquitoes standing vigil just outside my door. The True Suthuna makes lemonade. You know, like the old adage, when life rains lemons down on you, make lemonade or something like that.

What I love about this photo is threefold.
1) It's raining. Raining so much, in fact, that the local river has apparently jumped its banks. But the part I like is that to protect the truck, the Intelligent Suthunah has driven it up the front steps, thus the engine is out of the water, and sits high and dry.

2) While waiting out the flood, the Suthun Gentlemen are fishing off the front porch. Fishing and being suthun go hand in hand. Suthunaz spend a lot of time and energy getting out to their favorite fishing hole and well, when the fish are in your front yard, that doesn't mean you should ignore the opportunity.

3) But the real reason I like this shot so much is that it happened on College Street. Ah yes, one of my favorite classes here, Suthun Thinking 101.

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