Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring is in the air, and on the front lawn.

There was a time when I wanted to buy an automobile junkyard in some northern territory just to rename it "Southern Lawn Ornaments." I think I could charge a higher price for them too.

Suthunas love to work on their cars. It almost seems as if they enjoy this more than their Nawthun counterparts, but I have no real proof, other than a growing sense of pride in being one of the 'good ol' boys.' What makes Suthunaz interesting is that a car can be up on blocks and "in repair" for years. Worse, this auto or perhaps "sculpture," sits on the front lawn for all to see. Unsightly? Yes.. Uniquely Suthun? Oh heck yes.

For the longest time I had an old Honda Accord in my car port up on blocks. I kept saying I'd get it repaired sometime soon but the weeks turned into eons. I finally gave the car away just to clear out some space. Ok, so the city also had a new ordinance that any car on your property, running or not, had to be licensed. I wasn't bout to pay $50 to license a broken down old Honda so I gave it away. (Total value: about $1.95)

I'm glad to have the carport back, now I just have to evict the spiders and throw out more junk. It's gonna be a long summer.

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