Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Weather in the South. It's one of main reasons people come to the South. While everyone north of the Mason-Dixon is still reeling from yet another snow storm, the South is experiencing Spring. By that I mean the three stages of Spring Weather, namely: Rain, Rain and yes, Rain.

Beginning in March, and not ending til nearly Summer, the South gets rain in regular increments. By the time the last rain has dried, we're getting drenched by yet another storm. Ok, for the most part, they are just your usual Spring Showers, but being at the end of 'Tornado Alley' also means storms that can produce severe weather, including the aforementioned tornadoes. Back in 1998, Nashville had a huge tornado tear across the city causing untold damage.

The real problem with the rains is not the tornadoes, however. It's the moisture itself. A simple leak, left unknown, can give you mold, rust, rot, and all manner of related woes. Each one of these means that the homeowner now has their hands full getting rid of or fixing said woes. Add to that the fact that the rain makes things grow and grow fast, and Summer cannot get her fast enough.

In truth, we only get about 2 weeks of actual spring. Lovely spring like days of mild temperatures and easy breezes before WHAM, the heat and humidity of Summer slam into the South like a fat locomotive. It's these lovely two weeks that I live for. Those days when I can walk in the sunshine, ride a bike and even open the windows in the house allowing those gentle breezes scented with Honeysuckle and kudzu to waft lazily across the transom.

These are truly the best days to live in the South.

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