Monday, March 15, 2010

The General Lee

With few exceptions, no other vehicle is more associated with the Suthun mentality, its heart and soul (or is it sole? with a Suthunah, one can never tell), than the General Lee. For the uninitiated, the General Lee is a 1968 (and 1969) model Dodge Charger painted ‘Bad Ass Orange’ (that is the actual name of the paint, according to the Manufacturer) and used in the televised saga known as “The Dukes of Hazzard”. This is the ongoing story of a couple of good ol’ boys trying their best NOT to run afoul of the somewhat overbearing and shady local law. The General Lee is also known for jumping incredible heights and objects as a matter of course.

There is something about the ‘local boys’ trying their best to get ahead even in the face of adversity which speaks to us all, including them Nawthunaz. It is the spirit which made our country great and a spirit which will continue to do so.

There are over 320 ‘General Lee’ automobiles out there. That’s the number of cars used during the shows run, and does not count the 24 cars used in making the big budget movie. Most of these cars are owned by collectors, restored to their Suthun gentility with loving hands. Most, if not all, of the General Lee Chargers sport the Confederate Battle Flag across the top. Included as a sort of homage to southern upstarts of eras gone by is the Southern Battle Flag across the hood.

There are many people who think that the paint job itself is enough to make a ‘General Lee’ car, but make no mistake, these are impostors and poseurs! Most notable of these are:

I'd hate to see this one jump anything more than a pothole...

It's easy to tell some poseurs, such as this one, I think it's in the paint color, but i'm not sure.

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