Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Suthun Man's V8 Slowblower

Here is another Suthun Invention. a Snow Blower mounted with a V-8 Engine. (It's nifty to point out that the item is indeed located in the Southern US...duh, like we didn't know that!)

Look at that monster! Never mind the mechanic ability it took to place the V-8 Engine on the snow blower, nor the fact that you're talking a step up from the usual 6-8 Horse power Snow Blower to over 300 Horse power. This thing is just Freaking COOL. Suthun Cool. I shall refrain from the usual rants about gas guzzling V-8 engines and the cost of running this thing.

But one does wonder what size of driveway that this guy has that is too short for a front mounted snow plow on his pick up truck, yet long enough to need a V-8 Powered Snow Blower. If anyone knows for sure, be sure to let me know.

Here is anothe rpic of the beauty.

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