Sunday, June 21, 2009

Southern Life - Forward thinking...

This picture was taken just a few blocks from my house. It's the front yard of a house which sits on the corner of two streets. I'm taking the photo from the street, looking up along the side of the house, which sits at an angle, facing into the intersection. Built in the early 60's, this is a great neighborhood. You can see that this house has it's own flag pole, and yes....right there in the front yard.....a horse shoe pit.

Now, I've played horseshoes, and I've played that new thing called "ring toss" (or rings, or washers, or something like that) which is similar but with large metal washers in place of the horse shoes. Both games require TWO pits for ease of use. You stand at one end and toss to the other. Looking here you can see this layout with a bit of study.

What caught my attention is the 'Suthun Placement' of the horse shoe pit. Not only is it in the FRONT yard, and on a hill to boot, but it's also placed next to the driveway and you can see Bubba's new Pick-em-up Truck. Is that truck there to catch the stray shoe as it bounces out of the pit? To stop it before it runs amok into the neighbors front lawn killing that yappy little chihuahua that they refuse to pen up?

Now, I hear you. The guy would move the truck to play horse shoes. Ok, but that means that when Bubba here has a party, NO ONE can park in the drive way, because of the guys playing horse shoes. And even with the truck moved, I'm still a bit worried about those windows in the neighbors house. I mean, let's face it, no one in the south plays horse shoes without one hand ahold of a nice cold non-light beer...which would affect one's aim, too I imagine.

I think my house down the street might also be in danger in such cases....

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