Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do You BonnaRoo?

Who in their right mind plans the CMA FEstival AND the Bonnaroo Music (and Arts!) Festival the same week? What, traffic wasn't bad enough downtown when the buses are trying not to run over those Country Music Fans in their bermuda shorts and white socks, they have to add the longest parking lot in the state along highway 24 near Manchester, too?

Bonnaroo. Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is what it's called. Great name, big time (well, maybe) acts all performing on a 700 acre farm in rural Manchester Tennessee. (Reminds of me of Woodstock...without the acid) But let's understand that the main reason for the Bonnaroo is Money. The main reason for Woodstock was for the experience: Love and Music.

At Woodstock we carpooled, sometimes with more people in one vehicle than was safe. We didn't care, it was WOODSTOCK! We brought our own food, shared what you had and generally experienced near nirvana while listening to the great musicians of the day. At Bonnaroo you pay through the nose for a ticket and bottled water is $5 a pop! Nirvana never paid for bottled water.

Woodstock was held in up state New York, out on a farm in the middle of the rainy season. Bonnaroo is held during the rainy season in a southern area known for high heat and humidity that can kill and mosquitos that can drain a body in under 60 seconds.

So, let's see here. Would I want to attend an outdoor concert in such conditions? Who am I kidding....

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