Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Silver Savior - Not Just Silver Any More

Walking through the craft store the other day, I spied this display from a distance.  I was wandering around while my wife looked at jewelry making supplies.  You can only look at fabric, acrylic paint and crayons for so long.  (Yes, they have a whole aisle devoted just to crayons.  You just can't imagine!) So I found myself attracted to this display off in a corner where they used to else.

At first I wondered what kind of ribbon it might be in big rolls.  As I got closer I was stunned.  It's Duck Tape! See the logo in the top middle of the display there?  This is the real stuff.  There are over 150 different colors and patterns in both rolls and sheets! (Yes, 12 inch by 12 inch Duck Tape SHEETS!) There are colors and stripes and patterns like flowers and frogs and even little cars! It was a veritable Duck-Tape-Palooza!  A Duck Tape Cornucopia! There were more choices than ticks on a hound! 

You can imagine my mouth hanging open and my eyebrows pushing (well, pushing nothing, cuz see, I'm sort of balding up top there, but let's not digress shall we?) as I reached for the camera to document this most auspicious of occasions.  It was all I could do to keep the spittle from running into my shoes while I clicked the shutter. There's not enough room in my shed to hold all these different rolls of tape, let alone in my tool box. I may have to buy a new tool box the size of a pickup truck to hold them all!

All attempts at humor aside, when you mention Duck Tape to a Southerner - well to anyone for that matter - they immediately, think of that Silver Savior, the 2nd most used tool in the Southern Man's toolbox (right behind WD-40).  Shiny Gray in color, waterproof and most assuredly not for DUCTS (check the link, bubba) Duck Tape has been a part of the American landscape since the late 1940's.  But now, there are colors and patterns for anyone and for any use. I hesitate to say it, but there is even a roll of Duck Tape with Justin Bieber's picture on it! (I won't be adding that one to the tool box! Phooey!)

The best part of this display is that I can just stand in front of it and imagine the myriad projects and repairs I can do around my house with this stuff.  I can use the the bright yellow on the fence to keep people from hitting the posts in the night.  I can use the royal blue for repair of that big blue cooler I got out in the shed.  I can use the leopard print for...Ok, let's make our own lists in private and meet up later to compare, shall we?

This Southern Man's tool box just got a lot bigger.

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