Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Didn't See You There - Tee Time Edition

I found this recently on a weekend trip to a local store. It's a camouflaged bag for carrying golf clubs. Now, at first, I was taken with the unique design; overlapping both the bold camo with standard piping on pockets and edging. 

Then I got to wondering, Is this really a problem on golf courses?  Is the bold solid color design of the bag detrimental to one's score? Does it help when you approach the tee so as to not scare the ball? And of course, shouldn't the golfer also wear camo Sansa-belt slacks and camo hat and maybe have a set matching camo drivers?

The thing about camo is that, beyond my meager attempts at humor, it's a Southern thing.  You won't find Tiger Woods sporting Camo polo shirts or on any of the links north of the Mason Dixon - or anywhere for that matter. Camo is The South.

Perhaps it's even time for me to purchase my first camo gear...maybe some pants, or a hat.  Here in the South, even Nashville - the MID South, I can find Camo gear everywhere.  Now, I just have to decide: Pants?  Hat? Golf Bag?  Perhaps a new Pith Helmet?

Decisions, Decisions...

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