Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Didn't See You There - WTF Division

I caught this pic as I was crossing the street the other day. I stopped and backed up to get a photo of this truck and the guy must have thought I was REALLY interested in his ferrin' truck. Yeah, being a true suthunah, or at least a Suthun Wannabe, I'd only be interested in 'MERICAN made trucks.

But let's get back to the subject at hand, shall we?  It's not the truck I was fascinated with.  It's that panel on the front.  Can you see it there?  It's CAM-UH-fllaged.  Now, stay with's camouflaged, which means that when needed, like in the forest, it's going to blend in with its surroundings and not be seen. Ok, you got that?  Are you now at the same level of WTF that I am?

For those that don't truley get it yet, the only part of the truck that is camo'd is that panel. What happens to the rest of the truck?  Does having just that one panel sort of camo the entire truck by proxy?  Does the deer (or other game you're hunting) look around and see the truck, but since the panel is camo'd they think there's a hole through the entire truck and it freaks them out so much they forget that there's a truck there?

I'd  like to think that maybe the guy bought himself a camouflaged truck and could only afford to paint 99% of it a nice shiny black.  Then again, maybe this guy has this special cover for his truck which is all camo'd that covers the whole truck EXCEPT for that one space...Yeah, that's got to be it.

Ok, I can see that.  Now I got to hunt this guy down and ask him to see that truck cover.

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