Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Convention on the Roof

Recently, I had a chance to drive across the downtown area.  Actually, I was trying to get around some traffic jams and ended up driving a bit out of my way.

Anyway, I was driving along when I discovered myself driving past the new convention center.  This massive several block long structure is a conglomeration of shapes, colors and unfinished cement in unending awe.  I took the picture above from my dashboard.  The thing to note here is that this is one small corner of the structure. Here is another showing the front (?) of the gargantuan building. (You get the idea that this place is rather large? Good.)
The next day, as I was downloading the photos from my phone, I found out something even more awe terror inspiring.  The roof of the new Nashville Convention Center will be GRASS.  That's right, they are covering the top of the convention center with PLANTS!  I know what you're thinking. "Oh, hey, like wow!" says your hipster induced ejaculate.  "A green roof made of green plants!" (For the record, the roof will not really be grass, but will be Sedum plants, which are green plants with a yellow flower.) 
4 Acres of Sedum Plants up on the roof!
And then comes the realization that SOMEONE is going to have to go up on that roof to TRIM or MOW said Sedum plants. (At least my heat addled brain would assume so.)  Plants mean trimming or mowing and regardless of whether they are in front of my house or on the 4 ACRE Roof of the Nashville Convention Center, they gotta be trimmed or mowed or sedum-ated...or whatever you do to them.  (Do you mow sedums or just trim with a string trimmer? Maybe you have to get down on your hands and knees and cut them with a scissors! - Oh the horror!)  I get the picture of someone having to go up on the roof in the dead of winter and trim the dang plants so that the place can be considered "green." Just knowing that some poor Suthunah has to go up on the roof to do battle in the Lawn Wars is enough to give me nightmares.

And the worst thing?  I can tell all you guys about it but if you come visiting, there is no way to take you up there to show it off.  It will forever remain just another hidden gem here in the South. 

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