Thursday, April 26, 2012

Invention Intervention - Southern Campfire Cookin'

Every now and then I come across an invention or new way of doing something which makes us all slap our heads and think "Why didn't I think of that??"  This is one of those things.  How many times have you been out in the forest, looking to do some cooking and have to balance your pans and such on a wonky fire.  Logs going this way and that, gotta find the right spot where the fire will heat evenly and it's a pain!  

This guy is working on Suthun Genius level.  He takes a log and cuts it flat on both ends.  Four cuts with a chain saw (notice how he carefully left the bottom third uncut - that's part of the Suthun Genius at work!)  and it's ready that quick.  A few drops of gas or lighter fluid down the center (I'm guessing at that, I have no real idea how this guy lit that wood on the inside of those cuts) Stuff the cuts with newspaper - leave a tail to light - and the wood is burning in no time, not only giving even heat, but it's got the perfect flat spot on top.  Genius I say, Genius!  

It is probably best to just bring along the chain saw (and gas, don't forget the gas, with the requisite gas/oil mixture) rather than try to guess how many of these you will need for your camp-out and then prepare them ahead of time.  Hauling them in the back of the pickup is the only solution to that.  With the chain saw all you need is a big log or two and you're set for the weekend.
I won't spend a lot of time on how I would probably cut off a limb (or digit)  while attempting this and allow us all to enjoy the master at work.  Suthun Thinking at its finest. 

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