Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Didn't See You There - Easter Edition

Easter in the South is like Easter most everywhere. We get the eggs, the chocolate and the long eared delivery person of said eggs and chocolate.  The other day, (a few weeks before the Eggy Day) I came across this display of Suthun Easter baskets  buckets.  That's right, Easter BUCKETS.  I'm pretty used to the idea of a bucket for egg hunting, much like I'm used to the idea of a pillow case for Halloween trick or treating.  A lot of kids really don't like carrying around a wicker basket so a bucket is a) better and b) cheaper.  Then I looked a bit closer and I saw this: 

Right there in the middle of the second shelf is a nice little display of camouflaged fabric buckets.  I stood and stared at the display for a few minutes, and imagined a scenario where one might want to camouflage their egg hunting in such a way as the bucket would need to be hidden.  I can't.  It's just .... unexpected...

I mean, what is the reason for camouflage on this item?  Is this some sort of hunting paraphernalia? Does one actually have a NEED to hide one's Easter Eggs?  (Aside from when we were kids and my brother Bubba stealing my Hershey's Dark Chocolate Eggs when I wasn't looking.)  I mean....really?  Camouflage? 

And then I looked a bit closer and there, beside it I see a BLUE camouflage bucket.  BLUE. Where does one need a bucket to be camouflaged against a background which resembled the bottom of an above ground pool?  Even if there are eggs down there, why does it need to be hidden? It makes my head hurt.  

I need a nice mocha latte and a nap.  

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