Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Invention Intervention - Vehicle Divison

This is another one of those invention kind of things that makes you wonder.  I wonder why the wood on the side, why the electric red thing, and why the jack-o-lantern with the electric cable coming out of it.  I also wonder why this thing isn't surrounded by people taking pictures.  I'm amazed that it actually runs.  

When you consider it, I guess it had to be running, cuz it somehow got into this parking lot.  And it will take no big guess at all to know which parking lot this is.  Take a look at that building in the background.  We all recognize that, now don't we.  Yep, it's a Walmart parking lot.  

When I first saw this, I tried to figure it all out.  At first guess, it would seem that the wood merely replaces the fender.  Easier to attach things to wood than to a metal fender, that's for sure.   But my eye keeps going to that red thing.  What IS that red thing?  Some sort of generator or motor perhaps taken off of an electric weed whacker...and why is that cord going up to the purple jack-o-lantern?   If I got it up to 88 miles per hour, would it go back in time?  

I love the south for things like this.  I'm just happy to note that it's not in my driveway.  

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