Monday, January 30, 2012

Southern Math

Sort of a "DUH" moment here.  We were sitting in the bus station downtown and this bus drove by.  For those who can't quite make out the writing on the ad, it says "Saving $600 feels like saving $100 like 6 times."  Well, those of us who didn't flunk 3rd Grade Math are all going "Like DUH".

I asked a couple of the other people on the bus to take a look at the ad and tell me what they thought.  Two of the three said (I kid you not)  "Well, DUH!"  The third just laughed.

The reason I include this here is that a) it seems like some sort of slight toward the Suthun Mentality and b) it happened here in the South, so why not?  The problem is that this is a national company so I can only surmise that this ad may not have been regional.  The fact that the man in the ad is wearing what we might construe as a protective suit worn by a professional race car driver is only compounded by the fact that I know nothing about Nascar, its drivers or their costumes.

Over to google I went and did  some searching.  Nascar shows only one driver for any sponsored vehicle for the company in the ad and that's not the guy in the ad.  A search of race cars and drivers and the company yielded zero results.  Who is this guy?  Why is his math so strangely compelling? Why do I care?  Why is Like used so many times like so  Like.

Just another side effect of life here in the South.

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