Monday, January 9, 2012

I Didn't See You There! (#1)

Along with the usual posts of "Can Marv ever become a Good Ol' Boy" and "Invention Interventions" I've decided to add a new irregular post. "I Didn't See You There!" which will highlight those things you cannot see. Items that are Camouflaged. That's right, things so well disguised that they blend in to their surroundings. Items like this.

My first impression of this display is of course "Oh I didn't see those there!" They are too well camouflaged to see them. Then I begin to wonder at the need for such things. A camouflaged drinking cup.  Hmmm...

Let's see, you're out in the forest hunting a deer. You're wearing camo jeans, camo boots and a camo jacket.  You've got your deer stand camouflaged and you've completed the entire thing with camo equipment. You've even got a camo hat to go with  that bright orange vest. Suddenly the deer you are waiting on steps into view. But then without warning, he bolts into the underbrush! "Gracious!" you scream (actually, you probably scream a few obscenities but let's go with "Gracious!") "What has caused this?" Looking around you find it: a plain drinking cup filled with non-light beer. In your ignorance, you purchased plain cups instead of camouflage! You shake your fist at the sky and vow never to make that mistake again. 

Of course, the idea that you put down the camo cup in order to pick up your rifle may mean that you won't be able to find your cup later. Can't find it among the brush and grass - why?  cuz it's CAMOUFLAGED.  Years from now someone will come across it and wonder why a full cup of non-light beer is sitting there on that log.

Or. Just. Maybe...

You can more easily throw your cups into the underbrush without fear of of them being seen. Unfortunately, we'll probably see these scattered about on the roadways where they are quite visible. 

Yeah. Makes more sense.

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