Monday, February 20, 2012

A Three Day Weekend in the South

Thanks to some great politicians, we have a three day weekend this weekend. It's President's Day.  The day (Monday) that we celebrate both Washington's and Lincoln's Birthdays.  As a matter of fact, according to the literature, we're taking the Day (or in reality: DAYS) to celebrate the birthdays of ALL of the Presidents of these United States.

Here in the south, President's day is no big deal, though there are those who feel that it's more Washington's birthday than Lincoln's.  There is still a thread of ill will toward the man for not allowing the South to break off from the Union.  I suppose, had that been allowed to happen, we'd now have to get a passport to travel to Disney World. Or Mardi Gras.  But as ever, I digress.

In my opinion, every month should have at least one official three day holiday. We, as kids, looked forward to February.  Sure there was Valentine's day when you had to make up about 30 Valentines card for everyone in your class including that one kid who picked his nose and ate it.  (Ewww!)  But truthfully, we looked forward to having TWO days off in February, one to celebrate Washington's birthday and another to celebrate Lincoln's birthday.  We had the exact days, not necessarily a three day weekend, too. Lincoln's birthday February 12, and then Washington's birthday on Feb 22.  Then we had the big change in 1968 where the holiday was switched to just the third Monday in Feb.  Not nearly close enough for the 12th, and not late enough for the 22nd.  Never officially recognized as  "President's Day", the name sort of stuck as the public really wanted to celebrate both of these great leaders.

Me? I'm just glad for a day off.

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