Saturday, November 26, 2011

Southern Fried Turkey - An Addendum of Sorts

It's been a bit longer than I had expected between postings, and for those of my regular readers, I apologize.  My life has been divided between work and the remodeling of the bathroom, finalizing it just the day before the Mother-In-Law arrived for a visit.  Then there was the holiday and family and then a visit from my neighbor, Bubba.

Bubba is a well known figure in my blog.  He is Lord of All Things Barbeque and is a Southern Gentleman of the highest order.  We speak many hours about how to become a Southerner and the fact that I may never actually become one.  This visit was rather unusual as it concerned a previous post and his inclusion in it - namely, the post about Southern Fried Turkey. 

Bubba said he was looking over it and came to a rather startling position, that I have neglected to include one important fact.  (Typical of a Suthun Wannabee like me, he says...) Rather than debate the issue, I'll include it here as an after thought, and I will update my other post. 

You see, when lowering the turkey into the oil, or taking the turkey out of the oil, one must always remember to TURN OFF THE FIRE.  Bubba points out that this is the main mistake that so many novices make, thinking that the fire has to be on continuous.  Heat the oil, says Bubba, then shut off the fire and wait a couple of minutes.  This means that the metal around the fire ring has cooled to a point where it won't be hot enough to flame should a bit of oil hit it.  Now you can stand close enough to the boiling oil to control the turkey as it goes into the pot (or out.)  Once in, you can then safely ignite the fire again, (wipe it off first, if you spilled even a bit) without fear of an oil fire.  Bubba is the man. He makes a Southern Fried Turkey every year and has never had an oil fire.  I consider him the Master of this type of cooking. 

It's little things like this that keep me out of the Good Ol' Boys Club.  I'll see you all here next time. 

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