Friday, November 11, 2011

A Postal Post and Suthun Engineering

A few more mailboxes to show you just how good the Suthun Engineer can be.  This first one is a bit rural, but it sure is a goody.   Goes to show, you can't show ingenuity without a little duck/duct tape. I also like the way this mailbox has been painted a nice rust color just in case it does rust, no one can tell.

This mailbox is more urban, or perhaps suburban.  The owner has the right idea.  That stand is a workhorse, with collapsible legs.  Now, it can be brought in at night, sort of like the family dog. 
This one is sort of a hodgge-podge, with a bit of duck/duct tape, some old posts mixed styles of boxes and yes, some rust.  

And of course, I save the best for last.  This is one of those ladders that was sold on TV and can be put in a multitude of positions.  Here, he's using it for a mailbox stand.  That's a pretty expensive stand, but ya gotta admit, it gets the job done.  I think I even see some baling wire there to hold it in place.    

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