Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Suiting up for the Turf Wars

I mowed my lawn today...finally. In the South, the rains come this time of year and I am one of those guys who will not mow a wet lawn. So, for the last 14 days we've had rain just about every day, which means basically that my lawn didn't get mowed. Today, temps in the 90s and humidity hovering around 237% I had to get out and mow...or maybe swim...

As any regular reader will know, I am not from the South. I grew up in Colorado and as I've told any one who will listen, if there ain't any frost on the window, I ain't happy. Heat and I are not good friends. So, with this in mind, you will not be surprised that it can take me a while to get ready to mow the lawn, even in the cool morning. (Yeah, it was 80 degrees about 7 am this morning.)

My outfit consists of the following: First, to keep the heat off my head, I have a nice wide white pith helmet made of hard plastic. Its original design was to be a hard hat so it sits on my head and allows air to pass up and through keeping my scalp cool. I use a blue bandanna to catch the sweat which runs in little rivers usually down my face and onto my glasses. I also have a terry cloth towel (slightly larger than a hand towel) soaked in cool water which I keep around my neck to also keep me cool. Yes, it is a vision right out of an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, and I fully expect Tarzan to come out of behind the shed and convulse with laughter, but that's not the point least I don't think it is.

I have a special pair of old jeans I use for doing yard work and a couple of tee-shirts also specially designated for this one activity. I finish this up with either an old smelly pair of sneakers which I have demoted to yard duty (or by the smell is that "doody?"). Additionally, on hot days like this, I have a pair of hard rubber garden clogs which help keep my feet just a bit cooler.

That's right, a pair of clogs. No extra weight in hot socks, and they allow me to slip them off and walk in the soft grass when things get especially uncomfortable. They're hard rubber and I have to admit, when my feet start to sweat, I can be slipping and sliding around in them with every step. Not the safest thing to be working with power tools I have to admit, but I didn't say I was smart. I'll blame it on the humidity, ok?

No one has said anything about my 'Ensemble de Lawn ' (other than the wife) but I'm not sure if that's because they haven't actually SEEN me in it, or are just to Suthun Polite to mention it.

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