Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hillbilly Chrome

There are a lot of terms that Suthunaz use that tend to confuse me. Even though I have lived here a long time, I just have trouble using these phrases and making them sound honest. Words like:

"eskover" (es-KOV-er)... as in "Hey, eskover tuh thuh Quicky Mart and get us a beer."

"ohvawls" (OH-valz) ... as in "I'm gonna get dressed for dinner. I'm gonna put on my good clean ohvawls and some shoes. "

There are phrases which only the Suthunah can come up with, too. Phrases such as "She's a comin' up a cloud" which is an indication that the weather may turn bad soon.

Perhaps the one that makes the most sense and one which sees more use, is "Hillbilly Chrome." Used to indicate the use of Duct Tape in repairing an automobile. But more than that, this indicates the use of Duct Tape to cover or maybe REcover an area of the bumper, fender or the like. At the top of the page you can see an excellent use of Hillbilly Chrome. I am especially enamored of the use of the clear plastic drinking cup as a light cover.

Conversely, even though the use of Duck Tape in this next photo is well done, nice large strips, evenly applied. It does not qualify as Hillbilly Chrome.

And no, neither of these cars sits in my driveway.

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