Monday, May 17, 2010

The Things that Matter.

Not long ago I was at my Doctor's office (no, not for that) and among the many outdated magazines on his table in the waiting room was this magazine that is a testament to the South in the 21st century. (Heck, it even says so right there on the cover!)
Garden & Gun.  It seems like a joke doesn't it? The kind of thing you find on one of those photoshop contest sites a sort of mash up of House and Garden and Gun Enthusiast. Why not Duck Tape and Flowers? Why not Beer and Pretzels (Hey, that would be great if my doctor had beer and pretzels in the waiting room...)

As much as I am a devotee of all things suthun, I cannot seem to grasp what is so "suthun" about this magazine. Other than the obvious locales mentioned on the cover, it seems more like a copy of New Yorker. Well, ok, so the guns make an obvious difference. In New York, I imagine the average gun is chosen for it's ability to be hidden and accessible easily when a mugger appears, whereas in the South the average gun is chosen for it's ability to take down a deer or punch holes in highway signage.

And why GARDEN and Gun? In reality (rather than the fantasy world in which I spent so very much time) I suppose it is intended to appeal to a wider array of families and couples in the south. Gardens for the ladies and guns for the men. Or maybe it would be more PC if I put 'gardens for one and guns for the other.." I do this for my late father in law who loved to garden and collected guns as well as for Bev, a close friend who is a consummate hunter....uh..huntress. (Is that a word?)

So, I shall probably pick up a copy to find out how much more out of sync I am with the south and those who call themselves Suthunaz. Story of my life....

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  1. I read most of your blogs and being a "Suthun Gal" myself, think you have a great sense of humor. I write a blog of stories told to me by a lady from South Carolina who will be 101 year old 6/7/2010. Some of her stories are typical suthun. Using bootleg whiskey for antifreeze in your car, this was before antifreeze was made for cars. You can check some of my stories at