Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Plastic Project - Plastic Paradise

In preparation for the Plastic Project, I've needed to collect a lot of plastic containers.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I could easily go to the store and purchase a large number of identical plastic containers and spend a lot  of money, but I realized that I didn't want to have to put out a lot of money on things which would spend a lot of time out in the shed. (Spending time with the spiders.)  In addition, if one broke, I didn't want to have to purchase more in order to replace it so, although I posted the thrift store as a good source of plastic containers, I chose a different route for this project.

The Plastic Project is all about recycling, reusing and renewing. So I began in earnest saving suitable plastic containers for use in my shed.  Wide mouth plastic jars like Mayonnaise jars were perfect, soda bottles, not so much. I became especially interested in such things as Rx Bottles and special small containers that came with such things as spices, vitamins and chewing gum.  (Yes, a small 60 piece container of chewing gum!)

These would be the 'small end' of the spectrum, holding such things as nails, washers and screws.  At the other end, and much more difficult to save out of the household trash, are the containers big enough  to hold tools or even other containers which may be rust-able.  (Is that a word, Bubba?  Able to become rusty?)  But as much as this began as a good idea, it is a slow and somewhat unsteady process. I had a nifty tub full of small plastic containers gleaned from the trash but very few big enough for tools.

It was then that I discovered Plastic Paradise.

  Near my home, is a large set of metal recycling containers where people can bring their recyclables.  Each large container (see above) is set aside for plastic in one, metal in another and cardboard in another.  There are about a dozen of these behemoths sitting beside the local thrift shop (the irony is not lost on me.)

One day I happened across the Plastic Recycle Bin and noticed that someone had tossed a large yellow bucket on top.  Not a bucket per se, but a big empty Kitty Litter container.  It even had the lid!  I grabbed it before it would be covered in sticky soda or orange  juice and took it home to wash out.  In recent weeks, I've 'saved' several more. 

After carefully cleaning them out, I know they can be used for large tools, collections of sandpaper, even a small corner wastebasket (with lid!)  With the addition of these big containers (as well as an easy resource for more) I'm about ready to complete the Plastic Project.  (With pictures!)

Stay tuned for more Southern...stuff...... In plastic! 

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