Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Didn't See You There - Jewelry Dept.

Camouflage is a Southern Staple, much like fried chicken and waffles (maybe even camouflaged chicken and waffles?)  I've found it on clothing and cars, household siding and even a wallet made for me out of duck tape.  Even with all that, I could not hide my surprise at finding this new trend: Camouflage wedding rings.  Yes, you got that right, wedding rings with a camouflage design on them.  AND, these are not the only ones out there.  I found an amazing array of similar camouflage selections doing a simple search online.

Now, the non-southerner in me saw this and said "Oh, you have got to be kidding!" and the joker in me immediately though about how you won't be able to see the wedding rings because 'they're camouflaged' (cue laughter, har har har.) But the long time southern resident in me responded. "Yeah, anything is possible here in the south" - maybe even "The South."  (With requisite capital letters.)

You can find wedding rings with mickey mouse and probably even wedding rings with Dr. Who and there are all manner of wedding rings that resemble all manner of toys, hobbies, logos,  animals, planes, trains and automobiles.  It's a way to share part of your life in the design of the one thing that sets your marriage out in front of everyone.  The rings.  (My wedding ring resembles a Rolex Watch.  I have no idea why I put that in there, but it seemed like the place to put it.)

To the average person (read: Yankee) the inclusion of camo on a wedding ring may be somewhat against the traditions of the ceremony. To that I say...well, I'd like to say some things which are known to be used by  longshoremen and truckers but are best left out of blogs like this.

The South is known for traditions, but it is also known for breaking traditions and this is just that. It really doesn't matter what anyone wants on their rings (heck, I've seen marriages where they didn't even exchange rings) just as it doesn't matter their age, ethnic background or (yeah, I'm going there) their sexual identity.  Live and let be. probably can't see it anyway, cuz it's.....camouflaged! 

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