Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lights on Top

This is one of those short posts that sort of speaks for itself.  Story Time:  I was headed home the other day when I noticed that the bus was both slowing down and not taking a turn it always takes. Now, immediately, I begin to wonder if I took the wrong bus!  (Yes, Bubba, it has happened before.)

So, we're all craning our necks, looking for the problem, expecting some sort of fender-bender.  You know, a couple of cars, people milling around, maybe a police car with it's lights on.  We sure didn't expect one of our own in a wrestling match with a light pole.

Yes, yes, yes, the bus is empty, thank goodness.  And, amazingly, there are no crowds milling about. upon closer inspection, we can see the power line stretching from the street light over across the street.

This is why there's no one milling about.  And, what's more important, no one was injured.  It's just real scary to see another bus in such trouble.  "There but for the grace of..."  Well anyway, at least we weren't late getting home.

All's well that ends well here in the South.

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