Thursday, January 15, 2015

French Toast Emergency

It's Wednesday, January 14 and we had snow today. It was just a bit of a dusting; just enough to cause us all to scrape the cars off and for the roads to be a bit slick. It didn't stick around long but it did cause what many refer to as a "French Toast Emergency."

As I've many times pointed out, I grew up in Colorado. Snow, to me, is a mere inconvenience. I remember having to leave for school early because it takes longer to walk when the snow is up to your hips; but we dressed warm, we had boots and we headed out. No Big Deal.

Here in the South, there is some unknown factor that makes people go totally out of their mind when snow (any snow, even this light dusting) is announced as being "soon" or "in the forecast." At this point, it seems to become somewhat mandatory to drive to the store (any store, but the bigger the better) and buy all the milk, eggs and bread that they can.

That's right.  Milk.  Bread.  And eggs. 

All the ingredients for French Toast, and hence the term French Toast Emergency. (What, no cinnamon? No Powdered Sugar? And what about maple syrup?) The first time I heard this was only recently, but I plan to use it all winter. Oddly, we never make French Toast. Though when you think about it, light snow is more of a French Pastry or Doughnut Alert than a French Toast Emergency, anyway.

Yes, that's it, we need a new list of foods for our own alert system! Something like this, perhaps?

Now, I can just sit back and wait for the next emergency. Come on Rain and Wind! I got a craving for Nachos!

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